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  • Vendor: ZEBRA

ZEBRA SARASA limited Tom cat and Jerry mouse new JJ15 0.5mm gel pen 30174

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Product description

Introducing a limited edition collaboration with the iconic Tom and Jerry series, this remarkable product combines both style and functionality. Crafted with water-based pigments, these pens offer exceptional water resistance and vibrant colours that truly come to life. Whether you find yourself caught in an unexpected rainstorm or in need of long-lasting durability, rest assured that your writing will remain impeccable, no matter the circumstances.

The smooth writing experience delivered by these pens is unparalleled. With their expertly designed nibs, you'll effortlessly glide across the page, leaving behind a trail of precise and clean lines. What's more, these pens boast excellent bleed resistance, ensuring that your work remains neat and flawless, even when undertaking complex projects or working with intricate designs.

Not only do these pens offer outstanding water resistance and bleed resistance, but they also provide exceptional light resistance. This means that your vibrant colours won't fade or lose their brilliance, even when exposed to prolonged periods of sunlight. You can confidently showcase your artwork or notes without worrying about them losing their true colours over time.

In summary, this limited edition collaboration pen set with Tom and Jerry combines aesthetics, functionality, and resilience. With its water-based pigments for water resistance and vibrant colours, smooth writing experience, excellent bleed resistance, and impressive light resistance, this collection is an essential addition to any artist's or writer's toolkit. Embrace the legacy of Tom and Jerry while enjoying a writing experience that stands the test of time.

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ZEBRA SARASA limited Tom cat and Jerry mouse new JJ15 0.5mm gel pen 30174

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