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  • Sku: STA-XGFL-101
  • Vendor: PENTEL

(Pre-Order) PENTEL Art Brush XGFL XFR

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Product description

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A color brush that produces fresh and vivid colors and allows for free expression unique to a brush type.

You can of course draw it as is, but you can also freely create gradations using two colors or create a pale watercolor expression by combining it with water.

Also recommended for calligraphy, illustrations, and calligraphy.



Product size: 13 x 175 mm

Weight: 13g

Colors: 24 color

MOQ: 10pc/each SKU



Product size: 80 x 188 x 14 mm

Weight: 94g

Colors: 6 color-(Burgundy/emerald green/pale brown/lime green/coral pink/violet)

*The 6-color set is a limited edition. *

MOQ: 10pc/each SKU



Product size: 29 x 123 x 216 mm

Weight: 284g

Colors: 18 color-(Black/Red/Blue/Green/Lemon Yellow/Brown/Orange/Pink/Sky Blue/Light Green/Turquoise/Olive Green/Pale Orange/Steel Blue/Gray/Yellow Orange/Sepia/Purple)

MOQ: 10pc/each SKU



Product size: 13 x 123 mm

Weight: 9g

Colors: 24 color

MOQ: 10pc/each SKU

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(Pre-Order) PENTEL Art Brush XGFL XFR

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