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Wood Display Photo Postcard Stand NP-070058

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Product description

Introducing our multi-purpose desktop card holder, measuring a sleek 8cm/10cm is perfect for showcasing your collection of postcards, business cards, name tags, photos, messages, and more. Designed with versatility in mind, the card holder features a convenient 3mm diameter slot on both the front and the back, allowing you to display and organize your items effortlessly.

With its multi-purpose design, this card holder is not only practical but also serves as a stylish desktop decoration. Its compact size ensures it won't clutter your workspace, while its sleek design adds a touch of sophistication. Whether you choose to use it in your office, home, or retail space, this card holder is sure to enhance the overall aesthetics.

The user-friendly design of this card holder makes it easy to replace and take out items whenever needed. This means you can effortlessly switch out cards or photos as often as you like, ensuring your display always reflects the latest additions or updates.

Get organized and elevate your desk with this versatile and visually appealing card holder. Its compact size, convenient slots, and easy-to-replace feature make it a must-have accessory for any workspace. Don't miss out on the opportunity to effortlessly showcase your collection of postcards, business cards, name tags, photos, and more. Upgrade your desktop decor today with our multi-purpose desktop card holder.

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Wood Display Photo Postcard Stand NP-070058

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