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Unprinted Simple Color Foil Paper Cover 5mm Grid Notebook NP-030047

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Product description

Introducing our remarkable product, with its outstanding features, the Rounded Corner Safety Design ensures maximum safety for our customers. We understand the importance of safety, which is why this design feature has been incorporated to minimize the risk of accidents or injuries caused by sharp edges.

The removable and hardcover with bare back provides a versatile solution for your needs. You can easily detach the cover whenever necessary and enjoy the convenience of a bare back. This feature allows for effortless customization, whether you prefer to add your own designs, personal touches, or notes to the back cover.

Measuring at 130x190mm, this product offers a compact yet spacious size that is perfect for various purposes. Whether you are using it for sketching, note-taking, journaling, or any other creative or practical application, it provides ample writing space for your ideas, thoughts, or drawings.

With 116 pages, this product offers a substantial amount of blank canvas for you to express yourself or organize your thoughts. Its generous page count allows for prolonged use, ensuring that you won't run out of space anytime soon.

The binding technique used for this product is stitching brush to teach naked. This method not only enhances the durability and sturdiness of the notebook but also provides a unique aesthetic appeal. The stitching adds a touch of sophistication, while the naked binding style adds a minimalist charm to the overall design.

In conclusion, this product embraces both safety and versatility, enabling you to customize your experience. Its ideal size and generous page count make it a reliable companion for all your creative endeavors or everyday note-taking needs. The stitching brush to teach naked binding technique ensures both durability and aesthetic appeal. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your writing experience with this exceptional notebook.

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Unprinted Simple Color Foil Paper Cover 5mm Grid Notebook NP-030047

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