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  • Sku: STA-MSXE5-10007.1
  • Vendor: UNI

UNI 4&1 Functional Pen 0.7mm Learning Office MSXE5-10007

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Product description

Experience a stable and flawlessly smooth writing session every time with the exceptional design of our product. Its low center of gravity and low friction design work together seamlessly to provide you with the perfect flow as you put pen to paper.

Featuring our exclusive JETSTREAM formula ink, this product guarantees a faster drying time, ensuring that your words appear vividly without any smudging or smearing. But that's not all - this unique ink also creates a thicker writing effect, adding depth and richness to your writing.

We understand the frustration of interrupted writing due to ink backflow or leakage. That's why our product is equipped with double ball-point nibs, specially designed to prevent any ink mishaps. With this thoughtful feature, you can confidently write without worrying about any distracting interruptions or messy ink stains.

In summary, our product offers you a stable and smooth writing experience, thanks to its low center of gravity and low friction design. The JETSTREAM formula ink not only dries quickly but also adds a luxurious thickness to your words. And with the double ball-point nibs, you can enjoy uninterrupted writing without any ink backflow or leakage. Elevate your writing experience today with our exceptional product.

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UNI 4&1 Functional Pen 0.7mm Learning Office MSXE5-10007

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