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  • Sku: STA-TA(KANA)-G321
  • Vendor: KOKUYO

(Pre-Order) KOKUYO GLOO Stick glue GLUE TA(KANA)-G32 G31 G30

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Pre-order item
Glue stick that is easy to apply to the corners Square glue Square glue that fits the corners. The square body that does not roll easily makes it difficult to roll even on a desk. Cap that is easy to open and has high sealing performance A round cap that is easy to open 360 degrees. Align the square glue with a highly airtight round cap to prevent it from drying out. * The color of the glue is white for "stick firmly", blue for "color disappears", and translucent for "clean without wrinkles".

TA(KANA)-G32 Glue stick glue (clean without wrinkles)
Wrinkles are hard to appear and can be applied neatly
Even thin paper can be applied neatly without wrinkles. Moreover, it has strong adhesive strength, so it can be used in a wide range of applications.

TA(KANA)-G30 Glue stick glue (stick firmly)
Sticks strongly and is safe for thick paper

TA(KANA)-G31Glue stick glue (color disappears)
You can see where you applied it at a glance! "Visible" & "Disappearing" glue stick
Colored glue makes it easy to see where you applied it. After applying, the color disappears and the finish is beautiful.

S (small): Diameter?Ђeight 2788 / Content 10g/ MOQ:20

M (medium): Diameter?Ђeight 32105 / Contents 22g/ MOQ:10

L (Large): Diameter?Ђeight 39126 / Content 40g/ MOQ:10
Materials / Container body / Elevator / Logo cover: R-PP

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(Pre-Order) KOKUYO GLOO Stick glue GLUE TA(KANA)-G32 G31 G30

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