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(Pre-Order) KOKUYO DOTLINER STAMP Tape glue GLUE TA-DM460-08 TA-D460-08

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Quickly pop with one hand! Tape glue that can be applied just by pressing like a stamp
Just push it! Glue with one hand. Work goes smoothly.
Even though it is compact, it can be stamped 600 times. Since you can glue a certain amount without waste, you can save glue.
2WAY type that is convenient to push or pull, and can be used by pulling like the conventional dot liner if the lid is removed.

* To stop the envelope, pull it and glue it to the entire surface. (Please use it as a temporary fixing when gluing points.) * If you push it diagonally or if the pushing force is weak, you may not be able to glue it cleanly. * The number of stamps is a design value, not a guaranteed value.

Specifications: Strong adhesive
Number of glues: 600 times
Tape dimensions (width / length): 8.4mm / 6.5m
Refill type
Recycled material content / Main body case: R-PS100% / R-ABS70%, Refill case: R-ABS100%

MOQ: 10

Tape dimensions (width / length): 7mm / 8m
Number of glues: 600 times
Recycled material content / refill case: R-ABS 100%

MOQ: 10

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(Pre-Order) KOKUYO DOTLINER STAMP Tape glue GLUE TA-DM460-08 TA-D460-08

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