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Stick-type Warming Pack Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Mother of Life Cairo Gentle Warming Pack 10 pieces Abdominal Warming

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Product description

Introducing the incredible WarmMe™ Clothing Warmer, a must-have accessory for those chilly days! This innovative warmer, designed to be attached to your clothing, gradually heats up, providing you with a cozy embrace when temperatures drop to a bone-chilling 40 degrees Celsius. Get ready to experience warmth like never before!

• Long-lasting: With a duration of up to 14 hours, the WarmMe™ Clothing Warmer ensures you stay toasty warm throughout the day. No more shivering in the cold!

• Expertly crafted: This Japanese-made warmer boasts exceptional quality and reliability. Made with utmost precision, the WarmMe™ Clothing Warmer guarantees top-notch performance every time.

Let's delve into the details:

Size: 13mm×9.5mm
Duration: 14 hours
Maximum temperature: 54 degrees Celsius
Average temperature: 47 degrees Celsius

【How to use】
Using the WarmMe™ Clothing Warmer is a breeze! Before use, carefully remove the heater from the bag and peel off the anti-adhesive film. Now, gently stick it to your clothes, ensuring to avoid squeezing it, as direct contact with the skin is not recommended.

【Preservation method】
To ensure the longevity of your WarmMe™ Clothing Warmer, please keep it away from direct sunlight and store it in a cool place. Shielding it from exposure to adverse conditions is key.

【Precautions for use】
Safety is our top priority, so please take note of these essential precautions:

★ Precautions to prevent low-temperature burns
- Avoid using the warmer while sleeping or inside a futon or with a heater, as this can cause excessive heating.
- Individuals with diabetes or other body temperature or blood circulation problems should refrain from using the warmer.
- Parents should exercise caution when allowing young children or individuals with physical disabilities to use the product.
- People with sensitive skin should be particularly aware of the risk of low-temperature burns and take necessary precautions.
- Remember, the WarmMe™ Clothing Warmer should never be applied directly to the skin or used under pressure.
- Should the warmer feel too hot, discontinue use immediately.
- If any burn symptoms occur, cease using the product and consult a medical professional.

★ Other notes
- After use, please dispose of the warmer responsibly.
- Avoid using the warmer on clothes that may be damaged by the adhesive or high-end garments.
- When removing the warmer from your clothing, carefully peel it off without pinching the non-woven fabric.
- Some warm clothing may not absorb the hot air effectively, so please keep this in mind.
- Ensure children or individuals with dementia do not mistake the warmer for food.
- This product is intended for its designated purpose only — please do not use it for any other applications.

Elevate your winter experience with the WarmMe™ Clothing Warmer. Stay warm and comfortable when the cold weather strikes. Don't let the chill bring you down – embrace warmth with the incredible WarmMe™ Clothing Warmer today!

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Stick-type Warming Pack Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Mother of Life Cairo Gentle Warming Pack 10 pieces Abdominal Warming

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