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  • Sku: STA-SFC-120M-12C
  • Vendor: PILOT

PILOT Frixion SFC-10M 12-color magic eraser color pen SFC-120M-S12

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Product description

Introducing our exclusive range of fluorescent friction ink pens, designed to bring a new level of versatility and creativity to your note-taking and coloring endeavors. With their remarkable ability to be repeatedly erased and used, these pens are sure to become an indispensable tool for your creative pursuits.

Featuring a set of 12 vibrant colors, our fluorescent friction ink pens offer endless possibilities for self-expression and artistic exploration. Each pen has been meticulously crafted to deliver a smooth and consistent flow of ink, allowing you to effortlessly bring your ideas to life.

Whether you're taking notes during an important meeting or adding a splash of color to your latest art project, these pens are the perfect companion. Their unique friction ink technology ensures that you can erase any mistakes or make changes without leaving a trace, providing a seamless and hassle-free creative experience.

Each pen in the set is carefully designed to provide optimal comfort and control, allowing you to effortlessly glide across the page with precision. The vibrant colors are specially formulated to bring your artwork to life, making them perfect for coloring, highlighting, and adding a touch of flair to your everyday writing.

With their durable construction and long-lasting performance, these fluorescent friction ink pens are designed to withstand the test of time. Whether you're a student, artist, or simply someone with a passion for creativity, this versatile pen set is sure to become an essential part of your creative toolkit.

Unlock your imagination and unleash your creativity with our exclusive range of fluorescent friction ink pens. Order your set today and let your ideas come to life in a vibrant burst of color.

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PILOT Frixion SFC-10M 12-color magic eraser color pen SFC-120M-S12

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