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Sun-star The third sticky note MEMO three-entry note Office stationery

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Product description

Introducing our brand new collection of adorable and versatile sticky notes! These notes are not your ordinary reminders - they are designed to bring a touch of fun and personality to your daily tasks.

With an easy-tear line on the top, these notes offer the utmost convenience when you need to quickly jot down important information or reminders. No more struggling with unruly notes that just won't tear properly!

But what truly sets these sticky notes apart is the inclusion of various cute signs that add an extra dose of charm and flair to your messages. From eye-catching exclamations like "LOOK!" to affirmative affirmations like "OK!", these signs will surely bring a smile to your face every time you use them.

And that's not all - this collection also introduces new characters to join you on your note-taking journey. Say hello to the playful penguin, the whimsical long-tailed cat, the mischievous long-tailed monkey, and even the cheeky anxiety monster. These unique characters add a delightful touch of imagination and playfulness to your everyday notes.

So, why settle for boring sticky notes when you can have these fun and functional ones? Elevate your note-taking game and make mundane tasks a little more enjoyable with our new collection. Get yours today and let your creativity soar!

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Sun-star The third sticky note MEMO three-entry note Office stationery

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