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  • Sku: STA-PP-14801
  • Vendor: SAN-X

SAN-X PP-1480 Rilakkuma PROPUS WINDOW Double Head Highlighter

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Product description

The product description provided showcases the remarkable features of our highlighter. With its incredible light resistance and water resistance, this highlighter is designed to endure and maintain its vibrant colors for long-lasting use. The bright colors, achieved through the use of special pigment ink, are not easily altered, ensuring that your annotations remain clear and eye-catching.

One distinctive feature of this highlighter is its small pane design on the tip. This unique design offers precision and control during annotation, allowing you to highlight with precision and accuracy. Whether you're underlining important passages or making specific notes in the margins, this highlighter's small pane design ensures that you can create neat and well-defined annotations.

With its exceptional light resistance, water resistance, and special pigment ink, this highlighter is a reliable tool for any writing task. Its ability to maintain bright and vibrant colors, combined with the precise and controlled highlighting provided by the small pane design, makes it an ideal choice for students, professionals, and anyone seeking a top-notch highlighting experience.

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SAN-X PP-1480 Rilakkuma PROPUS WINDOW Double Head Highlighter

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