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  • Sku: STA-PM-M120P-S
  • Vendor: KOKUYO

KOKUYO PM-M120P Checkle dark note pen set memory pen pink orange green eraser pen dark note board

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Product description

Enhance your study and note-taking experience with our versatile Highlighter and Fine Print Pen Set. Designed with functionality in mind, this set offers a range of features to support effective memorization and discreet note-taking.

The green highlighter is the perfect tool for memorizing textbook and reference book content. Its vibrant colour draws attention to important information, enabling you to easily identify and focus on key concepts. But what sets this highlighter apart is its special memory pen feature. Once you've absorbed the highlighted content, simply use the memory pen to effortlessly erase the markings. This innovative functionality allows you to keep your study materials clean and organized, ready for subsequent revision or reference.

For those moments when you need to jot down quick notes or answer questions discreetly, the pink and orange fine print pens are here to assist you. These pens are designed to provide a smooth writing experience, ensuring your thoughts flow effortlessly onto paper. The fine print pens also come with the added advantage of enabling you to write on notebooks or answer sheets inconspicuously. No more worrying about others taking a peek at your notes during exams or study sessions.

To take your covert note-taking to the next level, our set includes a red clipboard. This cleverly designed clipboard helps you conceal drawn parts and written letters, ensuring your important information remains protected from prying eyes. Whether you're capturing crucial details or jotting down fleeting thoughts, the red clipboard provides the privacy you need to maintain focus and maximize your recall ability.

In addition to its concealment features, our set offers a transparent red sheet. This unique accessory allows you to make your markings nearly invisible to the naked eye. By covering the marks with the transparent red sheet, you can easily recall where you have written or highlighted, without the distraction of visible markings. This feature is particularly helpful when reviewing your notes or revisiting your highlighted areas, allowing for effortless memorization and focused learning.

Upgrade your study arsenal with our versatile Highlighter and Fine Print Pen Set. Whether you're highlighting, writing, or concealing your notes, this set empowers you to study effectively and efficiently. Experience the combination of convenience and functionality that our set provides, and watch your retention and recall abilities improve. Elevate your study game today!

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KOKUYO PM-M120P Checkle dark note pen set memory pen pink orange green eraser pen dark note board

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