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  • Sku: STA-PM-L303-1
  • Vendor: KOKUYO

KOKUYO PM-L303 BeetleTip BeetleTip Double-headed Two-color Highlighter Marker 3 Colors

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Product description

Introducing the innovative BeetleTip Double-headed Highlighter Marker, a must-have tool for all your highlighting and color-coding needs. With its unique double-headed design, this marker offers unrivaled versatility and convenience.

Featuring two vibrant colors on each end, this highlighter allows you to effortlessly switch between shades, making it perfect for highlighting, underlining, and color-coding important information. The yellow pink / blue orange / purple green combinations add a vibrant and eye-catching touch to your notes, textbooks, or documents.

What sets the BeetleTip Double-headed Highlighter Marker apart is its BeetleTip technology. This remarkable feature ensures a smooth and consistent ink flow, guaranteeing a precise and reliable highlighting experience. Bid farewell to smudged and messy highlights as the BeetleTip technology prevents any undesirable smudging, allowing you to maintain neat and professional-looking documents.

This highlighter marker is ideal for students, professionals, or anyone who wants to add a pop of color to their work. Whether you're studying, taking notes, or organizing your files, the BeetleTip Double-headed Highlighter Marker is the perfect companion. Its durable and long-lasting design ensures that it will accompany you throughout your academic or professional journey.

Highlight and color-code with ease, thanks to the BeetleTip Double-headed Highlighter Marker. Experience the difference today and take your highlighting game to the next level!

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KOKUYO PM-L303 BeetleTip BeetleTip Double-headed Two-color Highlighter Marker 3 Colors

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