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SHOWA NOTE x PENTEL NO.91421400 Milk Pen Metallic Butterfly Pen 4 Colors Doraemon

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Introducing our exquisite Four-Color Combination Butterfly Pen Set! Delight in the mesmerizing blend of vibrant hues, including a luxurious purple mixed with metallic blue, an enchanting blue mixed with metallic green, a delicate pink mixed with metallic powder, and a captivating orange mixed with metallic yellow.

The secret to the impeccable color matching lies in the skillful overlap of metallic pigments with a lustrous base color. This creates an awe-inspiring visual display, where two colors seamlessly merge and harmonize.

This versatile pen set offers endless possibilities. When used on crisp white paper, the vivid colors effortlessly come alive, showcasing their stunning blend in all its glory. The delicate overlapping effect adds an extra layer of mesmerizing beauty to your writing or artwork.

For a truly striking and captivating experience, try using our Four-Color Combination Butterfly Pens on black paper. Watch in awe as the metallic pigments shine and shimmer, creating a mesmerizing contrast against the dark background. The vibrant colors take on an iridescent and almost three-dimensional quality, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who beholds your creations.

Whether you're journaling, doodling, or creating stunning works of art, our Four-Color Combination Butterfly Pen Set is the perfect companion. Unlock your creativity and explore the world of colors with this exquisite writing tool.

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SHOWA NOTE x PENTEL NO.91421400 Milk Pen Metallic Butterfly Pen 4 Colors Doraemon

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