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  • Sku: STA-ER-ICE002-A
  • Vendor: IWAKO

IWAKO Fun Eco-Friendly Ice Sundae Wipe Single Entry Random

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Introducing the non-toxic and eco-friendly eraser, proudly made in Japan, where quality craftsmanship meets a commitment to safety. Crafted without the use of harmful chemicals like PVC, this eraser ensures a stationery experience that is both safe and responsible for your child.

What sets this eraser apart is its superior wiping ability. With a high erasing rate and a rigorous writing power test, this eraser effortlessly removes handwriting, even the smallest details. Say goodbye to smudges and faint traces, as this eraser leaves your paper clean and ready for new ideas.

But functionality doesn't mean compromising on design. This eraser boasts a vibrant and eye-catching ice sundae design that adds a touch of fun to any pencil case. Children will not only find joy in using it but also in starting their very own collection. Imagine the delight on their faces as they showcase this adorable eraser to their friends.

Invest in an eraser that not only does its job flawlessly but also adds an element of charm to your child's stationery collection. With its non-toxic composition, superior wiping ability, and delightful collectible design, this eraser is truly a must-have for every young artist and student.

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IWAKO Fun Eco-Friendly Ice Sundae Wipe Single Entry Random

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