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  • Sku: STA-SBS35-CEB
  • Vendor: ZEBRA

(Pre-Order) ZEBRA SHARBONu 0.5mm Multi-function emulsion dye + pigment pen SBS35

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Product description

Pre-Order item

When you rotate the axis, the color of the sign in the window changes, so you can see the function in use.
Top-in sharpening mechanism that makes it easy to replenish the sharp core.
Sharp lead replenishment method:
1. Twist off the cover
2. Remove the eraser and insert the lead

The upper shaft is made of stainless steel and painted.
The lower shaft is brass and painted.
MOQ: 10 pcs/ each SKU
Total length: 141.8 mm
Maximum shaft diameter: 12.8 mm
Weight: 25.5g
Pen body: 5 colors
Ink color: Black & Red & Sharp pencil

Products conforming to the Law on Promoting Green Purchasing.
(Black, Blue, Green, White, Transparent only)
GPN eco-product net posted.
Recycled material.


MOQ: 10 pcs/ each SKU

Size: φ2.4 x 67.4 mm
Weight: 1.0g


Spare lead
Limited merchandise.
Adopted slide-up mechanism where the core comes out when you slide the side lever down with your thumb.

Total 40 pcs/case (1 piece φ0.5×60mm).
The case is made of resin.
MOQ: 10 case/ each SKU
Size: L75.8x W21.0x D5.8 mm
Weight: 6.9g


Spare Eraser
MOQ: 10 bag/ each SKU

Size with metal fittings: φ4.7×10.7 mm
Weight: 0.4g
Size with metal fittings removed: φ4.2 x 10.5 mm
Weight 0.2g

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(Pre-Order) ZEBRA SHARBONu 0.5mm Multi-function emulsion dye + pigment pen SBS35

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