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  • Sku: STA-PU-852A
  • Vendor: PLUS

(Pre-Order) Plus Punch PU-852A

$39.20 USD
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Product description

Pre-order item

1.Achieves overwhelming lightness

2.Hard-to-break metal gauge

3.Compact storage handle lock

4.An openable cover that makes it easy to throw away scraps

Style: In a paper box

1080G size: D186W120H202mm

Color: Red, black

MOQ:1pcs/each SKU

Punching capacity: PPC paper 64 g / , approx. 52 sheets

Hole spacing: 80 mm

Hole diameter: 6 mm

Number of holes: 2 holes

Hole depth: 12 mm

Guide size: A4, B5, A5 (long side / short side) A3, B4 (short side) B6 (long side) 888 (A4-4 holes)

Material: 40% recycled resin (retaining bottom = 40% recycled PP), handle base holder = steel plate, gauge = iron

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(Pre-Order) Plus Punch PU-852A

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