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  • Sku: STA-NS-742
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(Pre-Order) Plus Pritt Adhesive NS-742

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Pre-order item

Since the main body can be used repeatedly, it is economical because the amount of plastic waste and cost can be reduced. * * Comparison with Plit Medium size (compared to our company)

You can remove the used refill by simply pressing the button on the bottom of the main unit. Simply push in a new refill and you're done.

Plant-derived ingredients are used as the main component of glue. Safe and environmentally friendly. It has excellent initial adhesion and sticks firmly to thick envelopes and paper.

20G size: 26 H96mm/24H78mm

MOQ:1pcs/each SKU

Glue main component: PGE (denatured starch)

Material: 70% recycled resin (main body container, cap, knob, push pin = 70% recycled PP)

Material: 71% recycled resin (refill container, center lid, center shaft = 70% recycled PP, middle dish = 77% recycled PP)

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(Pre-Order) Plus Pritt Adhesive NS-742

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