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  • Sku: NP-H7TAY-0065

Fetish washi tape Hand account illustration decorative tape NP-H7TAY-006

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Product description

Introducing our decorative tape, crafted with high-quality Japanese paper material that ensures durability and longevity. This tape is not only functional but also boasts beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, adding an exquisite and artistic touch to all your crafting endeavors.

With a generous size of 30mmX7m, you'll have ample tape to unleash your creativity and complete a multitude of projects. Whether you're adorning scrapbooks, embellishing gift wrap, or adding a personal touch to home decor items, this decorative tape will be your go-to choice.

The premium Japanese paper material used in this tape guarantees its durability, so you can feel confident in its ability to withstand wear and tear. The hand-drawn illustrations, with their intricate details and artistic flair, will elevate even the simplest of crafts, making them truly stand out.

Allow this decorative tape to inspire you in your creative journey. Its combined qualities of high-quality material, unique artwork, and generous size make it a must-have for any craft enthusiast or DIY lover. So go ahead and indulge in this exquisite tape, adding a touch of elegance and creativity to all your projects.

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Fetish washi tape Hand account illustration decorative tape NP-H7TAY-006

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