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  • Sku: STA-LPN-35-W
  • Vendor: CARL

(Pre-Order) Carl ALISYS punch 2colors LPN-35

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Pre-Order item

light. small. beautiful. Light opening punch with double lever "Aresis"

1.Supported sizes A3 to A5 short side / A4 to A6 long side

2.With handle lock

3.Garbage disposal rear opening method

4.Metal gauge

Punching capacity (3.15mm) / 35 sheets

A second lever "Ashi" is added to a normal punch.

Equipped with a string" to achieve light opening.

MOQ:6pcs/each SKU



W132 x L122 x H119 (H52 when locked) mm/500g



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(Pre-Order) Carl ALISYS punch 2colors LPN-35

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