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  • Sku: STA-GM-400
  • Vendor: OHTO

(Pre-Order) OHTO Gachuck Non-Stapler Stainless Steel Clip GM-400 (Small)

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Product description

Pre-order item

Product features:
Smart clip without knobs
15 sheets of copy paper can be bound firmly.
A continuous clip that can be used over and over again.
With 15 small gacha balls.
The design that is particular about usability
It has been loved for many years and is registered as a three-dimensional trademark.
It is a design only for auto.

Body: Playback ABS 100%
Slider: POM
Gacha ball [small] with 15 shots (stainless steel)
Scale: W22xH17xD98 mm
Weight: 14.1g (Weight when Gacha ball is not loaded.)

Eco mark number: 18 112 073
Main body recycled material: 94%
Green Purchasing Law Compliant Products
Three-dimensional trademark registration number: 5977281

2 Colors (Blue or Gray)
Replacement core: GGM-2E / GGM-4 / GGM-7 / GGM-12 / GGM-28


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(Pre-Order) OHTO Gachuck Non-Stapler Stainless Steel Clip GM-400 (Small)

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