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  • Sku: STA-G3W-600-BL
  • Vendor: OHTO

(Pre-Order) OHTO 3WAY Gachuck Stainless Steel Clip Non-Stapler G3W-600

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Product description

Pre-order item

Product features:
1. A 3WAY gachak that can use 3 types of gacha balls with one is now available!
2. A new medium-sized gacha ball (up to 40 copy presses) can also be used.
3. Thin balls (up to 20 copy pushes) and thick balls (up to 55 copy pushes)
Can be used all in one body.
4. With a slider that makes it easier to extrude
Enables upward extrusion and continuous delivery of balls
Everything is an evolved Gachak.

Body: Playback PC 100%
Slider: POM
With a total of 12 gacha balls, 4 each for thin balls, medium balls, and thick balls (stainless steel)
Scale: W30xH27.2xD138.7 mm
Weight: 28.7g (Weight when Gacha ball is not loaded.)

Eco mark number: 17 112 102
Main body recycled material usage rate: 91%
Green Purchasing Law Compliant Products

4 Colors (Blue / Transparent / Pink / Black)
Replacement core: GGU-5 / GGS-5 / GGA-5 / GGS-5N


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(Pre-Order) OHTO 3WAY Gachuck Stainless Steel Clip Non-Stapler G3W-600

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