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(Pre-Order) Plus Eraser OMNI ER-100M

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Ideal for pencils 2H-HB

1.An optimal blend of two types of ultrafine powder, "spherical powder" and "columnar powder", for mechanical pencils.

2.Sharp pencil The graphite particles that have bitten into the paper surface with a high-hardness pencil are finely and neatly scraped out by the ultra-fine powder.

Ideal for pencils HB-B

The ultra-fine particle powder works to achieve a smooth and light touch that makes you feel like you are sticking to it.

Ideal for pencils 2B-6B

A material formulation with enhanced adsorption power and erasing debris are wrapped in ultrafine particles that are easy to collect and erased.

Style: 2H??span data-mce-fragment="1">HB / HB??span data-mce-fragment="1">B / 2B??span data-mce-fragment="1">6B

25G size: W24D65H13mm

MOQ:20pcs/each SKU

Materials: Main body = PVC, Paper case = Waste paper pulp content 60% or more

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(Pre-Order) Plus Eraser OMNI ER-100M

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