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  • Sku: STA-ER-100KN-1P
  • Vendor: PLUS

(Pre-Order) Plus AIR-IN Kids ER-100KN-1P

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An eraser for elementary school students that can lightly erase dark letters and is easy to grip.

Easy-to-grip size The size is perfect for the hands of the lower grades of elementary school. In addition, the case has a non-slip feature, so you can hold it firmly. With perforations that can be cut cleanly by hand.

Color: Blue, light blue, yellow, pink, red

28G size: W18D54H13mm

MOQ:20pcs/each SKU

Main body = PVC (without phthalate ester), paper case = 60% recycled pulp content

Case color: Blue, light blue, yellow, pink, red * Color assorted packaging. Blue

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(Pre-Order) Plus AIR-IN Kids ER-100KN-1P

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