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  • Sku: STA-ER-060AI
  • Vendor: PLUS

(Pre-Order) Plus AIR-IN ER-060A

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Product description

Pre-order item

By the action of porous ceramic powder

1.Realizes the feeling of always erasing with a kado.

2.The eraser particles wrap the graphite particles and erase the handwriting cleanly.

By curving the upper part of the case, the eraser body is less likely to break.

* Excluding air-in hard, air-in soft, and double air-in

Style: single / multi-entry

Color: white, black

13G size: W19D48H11mm

MOQ:40pcs/each SKUSTA-ER-060AI/AB

MOQ:10pcs/each SKUSTA-ER-060AI/AB-2P

MOQ:10pcs/each SKUSTA-ER-060AI-5P-N/STA-ER-060AB-5P

MOQ:5pcs/each SKUSTA-ER-060AI-10P

Materials: Main body = PVC, Paper case = Waste paper pulp content 60% or more

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(Pre-Order) Plus AIR-IN ER-060A

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