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DHC Deep Makeup Cleansing Oil 150ml Easily Removes ★Favorite and Recommended by Famous Internet Celebrities Natural Olive Cleansing and Care Skin Beauty Cleansing No Burden Makeup Removal Gentle Cleansing

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The legend in the Japanese beauty industry is undoubtedly the best-selling leader.

Olive essence oil extracted from Spanish olive fruits is famous for its gentle formula, which can gradually dissolve dirt and stubborn waterproof cosmetics, allowing skin to return to comfort and maintain stable moisture levels even in the coldest winter.

Mainly made of natural olive oil, vitamin E and olive oil are added, and a variety of plant ingredients are added to give it the effect of removing makeup and caring at the same time. While removing makeup, it carefully cares for the skin, leaving it soft and moisturized.

Not only can it easily remove all kinds of long-lasting makeup without spending too much time, leaving behind smooth and moist skin without any irritation.

Olive oil is more valuable than mineral oil for removing makeup. Undoubtedly the best in Japanese cleansing oil industry.

At the same time, feel the natural power of olives, bringing a fresh and non-greasy makeup removal experience, unlocking a new realm of makeup removal, allowing you to experience the joy of light and clean makeup removal.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil can be used safely even on sensitive skin and will never cause discomfort or acne.

●Origin: Japan

●Size: 51*173*42 mm

●Capacity: 150 mL


DHC deep cleansing oil 150ml

[how to use]

*Be sure to use with dry hands.

・Pump about 3 pumps into the palm of your hand, mix with makeup, then rinse with cold or warm water.

Moisturizing cleansing oil that completely removes makeup and pore impurities!

A makeup remover that simultaneously achieves "overwhelming cleaning power", "smooth cleaning power" and "moisturizing power".

●With just a gentle massage, it quickly blends into makeup and dirt and peels them off the skin.

●Smooth oil penetrates deep into pores and captures hard-to-remove dirt.

●Although it is oil, it becomes hydrophilic when it comes into contact with water.

The cloudy white color indicates that it has blended into the water.

It immediately leaves your skin, retaining makeup, dirt, and dead skin cells.

As a result, no oil remains on the skin, and the product provides a smooth cleanse without the sticky or greasy feel common with oil-based cleansers.

●Contains natural skin-beautifying ingredients and pursues skin gentleness. Contains a luxurious blend of precious virgin olive oil "Flore de Aceite" (the essence of virgin oil) extracted from organically grown olive fruits in Spain without stripping away moisture.

●Not only can it easily and completely remove hard makeup, but it can also remove stubborn pore dirt, dead skin, excess sebum and cuticle blockers.

●The formula can remove makeup and dirt without depriving the skin of the ingredients it needs, leaving the skin hydrated and translucent.

●Anyone can use it regardless of skin type or age.

●Since the adhesive (glue) used for eyelash extensions does not dissolve, it is also recommended for those who are using eyelash extensions.

*It may not be usable depending on the type of adhesive (glue) and bonding conditions.

●No fragrance, no coloring, no parabens, no natural ingredients, no mineral oil, no petroleum surfactants.


・Please check whether there are any abnormalities on your skin before use.

・If it does not suit your skin, that is, if the following conditions occur, please stop using it. Symptoms may worsen with continued use, so it is recommended that you consult a dermatologist.

(1) When abnormal conditions such as redness, swelling, itching, irritation, discoloration (white spots, etc.), blackening, etc. occur during use.

(2) If your skin develops the above symptoms after being exposed to direct sunlight.

・Do not use on abnormal areas such as wounds, swelling, eczema, etc.

・If it accidentally gets into your eyes, rinse immediately with water.

・The color and smell of the cleansing oil may vary depending on the harvest period of the olive fruits, but this does not affect the quality.

・Be sure to close the cap tightly after use.

・If water gets in the container, it may deteriorate, so please be careful when storing it in a bathroom, etc.

・Do not store in direct sunlight or extremely hot or humid places.

- Cleansing oil may become cloudy at low temperatures, but this does not affect the quality.

・Please keep out of the reach of children.
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DHC Deep Makeup Cleansing Oil 150ml Easily Removes ★Favorite and Recommended by Famous Internet Celebrities Natural Olive Cleansing and Care Skin Beauty Cleansing No Burden Makeup Removal Gentle Cleansing

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