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  • Sku: STA-CRBLK-3P
  • Vendor: BIC

(Pre-Order) BIC Crystal Re'New 1.0 1mm Oil-based ballpoint pen CRBLK

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Product description

Pre-order item

Aluminum body full of "stately feeling" and "luxury feeling"

The symbol of the "Big Crystal" series is the "retro feeling and easy-to-grip hexagonal body" shape.

Adopted an aluminum body that shines in metallic silver. Solid and stylish texture and design, not only looks good but also durable

In addition, it produces the highest "premium feeling" in the history of the series with excellent environmental performance.

Recycled resin is used for the first “refillable model” cap in the “Big Crystal” series that allows you to replace the core with a single touch.

Two replacement cores are set with the main body, and a refillable method is adopted that can be used by replacing them. The core can be replaced with one-touch operation by sliding the removal device on the main body. Furthermore, "96% recycled plastic" is used for the cap, making it a product that you can continue to use while being environmentally friendly.


Packing unit: 1 piece + 2 refill

Product size: 13.7 x 150 mm

Weight: 13.2g

MOQ: 3pc/each SKU

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(Pre-Order) BIC Crystal Re'New 1.0 1mm Oil-based ballpoint pen CRBLK

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