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  • Sku: STA-CBK-15E-SV
  • Vendor: OHTO

(Pre-Order) OHTO OEAU Water-Based Ball Pen Knock Roller Brass Material Pen CBK-15E

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Product features:
Realized by knocking. Water-based ball pen

It can be said that the reason why the knock type is realized even though it is a water-based ball pen is that the mounted core C-305 has a non-dry mechanism. The pen tip will not dry out without the cap.

The front shaft is made of brass and has a heavy feeling, and you can feel a solid and profound feeling.
This pen, which has an ultra-front center of gravity design, allows you to write with its own weight so that the tip of the pen is naturally urged on the paper, and the weight makes writing easier and lighter than you can imagine.

OHTO's only water-based knock-type ball pen
The pen tip is automatically retracted by pinching a clip such as a pocket, and an auto-release mechanism with a kind design unique to water-based.
Writing taste that inherits the tradition of auto
Smooth writing ceramic water-based ball pen (еі?.5)

Equipped with non-dry refill C-305, the pen tip does not dry even if you forget to remove the cap. The writing taste of the tip using SiC ceramic balls is a special writing taste that can be done only by OHTO, which developed the world's first water-based ball pen. is.

Material: Copper / ABS / PC
Scale: 16.9x13.5x139.8mm
Weight: 43.7 g



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(Pre-Order) OHTO OEAU Water-Based Ball Pen Knock Roller Brass Material Pen CBK-15E

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