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  • Sku: STA-BKHLE-2SK-M
  • Vendor: PILOT

(Pre-Order) PILOT LEGNO 2+1 0.7mm BKHLE-2SK BVRF-8F

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Slide lever type multi-functional writing instrument that uses hard maple for the entire shaft Hard maple, which is a shaft material, uses scraps generated during the production process of baseball bats.

It is characterized by its dense and strong wood texture.

Because it is a natural material, no two pieces have the same color or grain.

“LEGNO” means “forest/timber” in Italian.



Product size: 14.9 x 143.7 mm

Weight: 30g

Colors: 4 color

MOQ: 1pc/each SKU



Product size: 3.1 x 98.5 mm

Colors: 4 color

MOQ: 10pc/each SKU
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(Pre-Order) PILOT LEGNO 2+1 0.7mm BKHLE-2SK BVRF-8F

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