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(Pre-Order) PILOT Dr.Grip 4+1 0.3mm BKHDF1SMF3 BVRF-8MF HERFNS-10

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"Acro Ink" has an ink viscosity about 1/5 that of our oil-based ink. In addition, by blending a lubricant and reducing the frictional resistance of the ball at the pen tip, the rotation becomes smoother, realizing smooth and dark handwriting. Of course, it has excellent water resistance unique to oil-based ink.

Since its release in 1991, the Doctor Grip has made history as a staple of "fatiguing pens".

It is a multi-functional writing instrument that can be used thoroughly, inheriting that spirit.

The subdued paint and the shine of the metal parts will make you stand out even more when you wear it.

If you use 4 color ballpoint pens for each situation, you can coordinate your handwriting easily. With a mechanical pencil, you can quickly erase what you think and feel without hesitation.



Product size: 14.1 x 148 mm

Weight: 27g

Colors: 5 color

MOQ: 10pc/each SKU



Product size: 98.5 x 3.1 mm

Ball diameter: 0.3mm

Colors: 4 color

MOQ: 10pc/each SKU



Product size: 4.8 x 7.3 mm

Weight: 1.3g

Packaging: 5 packs

MOQ: 10pc/each SKU

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(Pre-Order) PILOT Dr.Grip 4+1 0.3mm BKHDF1SMF3 BVRF-8MF HERFNS-10

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