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Little Oxford 32G little cow reading pen + self-made teaching material group

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product features:
1. The whole machine is 100% made in Taiwan
2.USB charging/transmission, environmental protection and money saving, battery life is about 4 hours (increase or decrease according to personal use)
3. Built-in 32G large capacity
4. The speaker is upgraded again, the sound is pure, more suitable for listening to music
5. Internal key multi-themed point reading materials, suitable for all point reading series books published by Little Oxford, and new point reading textbooks are continuously added!
6. Exclusive mold opening design, easy for children to grasp, self-learning can be done in one stroke
7. Diversified usage: 200 sets of recording stickers, 3000 sets of playback stickers (repeatedly pasted), 360 sets of recording cards (with buttons for play, stop, volume, loop playback, etc.), which can be used to copy existing picture books at home. , books, textbooks, CDs and other audio files into reading and music cards, making learning more convenient!
8. Super dual authorization! yoyo's roll call + "The Raising of a Lazy Girl 2" Wangfu Orchestra's children's song "Xiao Wangfu" album, one card = one CD to listen to everywhere!
9. The original professional maintenance and warranty service makes the use more secure and durable

Specifications: 32G Dian Dian Niu Dian reading pen x1, charging transmission line x 1, MP3 playback stickers (20 pieces/3000 groups in total), oral recording stickers (4 pieces/200 groups in total), music reading card (double-sided/ 2 pieces of 33 songs in total), self-made Walkman reading card (double-sided/360 groups in total)
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Little Oxford 32G little cow reading pen + self-made teaching material group

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