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  • Sku: STA-680-HVSH
  • Vendor: 3M

3M SIGN HERE indicator label economy package yellow green for marking

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Product description

Introducing our meticulously designed document markers, featuring a large area and a bold "SIGN HERE" label for effortless identification of marked pages. With these markers, you'll never have to spend time searching for important pages again. The clear arrows are strategically placed to highlight the number of lines, ensuring that key points on the page are easily visible at a glance. No more time wasted searching for crucial information buried within documents!

Our economy package includes a generous supply of 200 pumps, ensuring that you'll have more than enough markers to meet your document marking needs. Whether you're organizing files, preparing presentations, or reviewing contracts, you'll have an ample and conveniently accessible supply of markers at your disposal. No need to worry about running out of markers mid-task or having to constantly restock.

Reliability, efficiency, and convenience are at the forefront of these document markers. They are perfect for professionals who value time-saving and productivity-enhancing tools. Streamline your workflow and effectively manage your documents with our exceptional markers. Try them out today and experience the difference firsthand!

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3M SIGN HERE indicator label economy package yellow green for marking

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