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  • Sku: STA-STGA-1-W
  • Vendor: SHACHIHATA

SHACHIHATA Strong Adhesion Stamp Ink Tart (multi-purpose) STGA-1-W

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Refill your multifunctional adhesive ink pads effortlessly with the high-quality STA-STGA-1-W Shachihata Quick-drying multi-purpose ink in white. This ink is specifically designed to provide excellent results on a range of non-absorbent surfaces such as metal, plastic, wood, cloth, and leather.

Please keep in mind that the white ink may not be suitable for absorbent materials such as cloth or paper. Additionally, the pigment in white ink has a tendency to precipitate. To ensure the best performance, remember to tightly close the bottle cap and shake it thoroughly before each use.

For added convenience, please avoid refilling the ink into the automatic stamper as it may cause ink leakage and damage to the stamper. Instead, use the refill ink with your manual stamping tool.

The STA-STGA-1-W refill ink comes in a compact and easy-to-store bottle, measuring 40×40×115mm, and weighs only 155g. This size makes it convenient to carry with you wherever you go.

Make a statement with professional, vibrant, and quick-drying white ink that enriches your stamped creations. Improve your stamping experience with the STA-STGA-1-W refill ink today!

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SHACHIHATA Strong Adhesion Stamp Ink Tart (multi-purpose) STGA-1-W

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