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SANBY x ERIC handbook icon seal Japanese stationery eric-icon-0

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Introducing the exquisite rubber stamp artist/illustrator Eric and his collection of small, delicate icons! Each stamp is meticulously crafted to offer a penetrating impression on paper, making it effortless to create beautiful prints. Not only are these stamps perfect for embellishing agenda books, notebooks, calendars, and handmade cards, but they also serve as charming decorations in their own right.

Choose from a vibrant selection of five cute lid colors to add a touch of personalization to your stamp. And that's not all – you have the freedom to select the ink color that perfectly matches your notes, allowing for seamless integration with your artistic vision. With an oil-based pigment ink, the output is both vibrant and long-lasting, ensuring your designs retain their brilliance.

Rest assured, these stamps are designed to provide approximately 1,000 impressions, allowing you to unleash your creativity without worrying about running out. Each stamp is delicately sized at 16x16x85mm, offering a comfortable grip for precise placement. Weighing only 22g per piece, they are lightweight and ergonomically designed to accommodate extended usage without causing fatigue.

With a total of five styles to choose from, you can explore various themes and motifs, all expertly crafted by Eric. Immerse yourself in a world of miniature artistry that captivates hearts with every press.

Discover how Eric's small and delicate icons can transform your creative projects into works of art. Let your imagination run wild with these exquisite stamps – the perfect addition to any artist's toolkit.

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SANBY x ERIC handbook icon seal Japanese stationery eric-icon-0

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