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PILOT Frixion Synergy knock 0.3 0.4 0.5 mm LFRF-13 magic eraser pen

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The new partner with the thinnest 0.3mm core diameter is launched in the "Friction" family series~

The "Synergy Knock" series uses dark gray to bring out the stability of the magic eraser pen, and the color of the pen clip corresponds to the ink color, making it clear to handle.

This time, the eraser on the pen has different details from the past. Different core diameters correspond to different colored erasers, giving 0.3, 0.4, and 0.5 unique characteristics. Even if they are placed together, the colors of different core diameters can be clearly distinguished. .

The pen tip adopts a "synergy chip" that combines the advantages of the traditional "cone tip" and "tube tip", allowing for smooth ink discharge at the beginning of the pen, and smooth and delicate writing. It also improves the comfort of writing with the smallest core diameter of 0.3mm.

●Size: 10.5*142 mm

●Core diameter: 0.3 / 0.4 /0.5 mm

●Ink color: black, red, blue, green, blue-black, orange, pink, light blue

●Replacement core: LFRF-133 / LFRF-13 / LFRF-143 / LFRF-14 / LFRF-153 / LFRF-15

●Style: 3 styles in total, 8 colors each

STA-LFSK-13-B PILOT 0.3mm magic eraser pen-black

STA-LFSK-13-R PILOT 0.3mm magic eraser pen-red

STA-LFSK-13-L PILOT 0.3mm magic eraser pen-blue

STA-LFSK-13-G PILOT 0.3mm magic eraser pen-green

STA-LFSK-13-BB PILOT 0.3mm magic eraser pen-dark blue

STA-LFSK-13-O PILOT 0.3mm magic eraser pen-orange

STA-LFSK-13-P PILOT 0.3mm magic eraser pen-pink

STA-LFSK-13-LB PILOT 0.3mm magic eraser pen-light blue

STA-LFSK-14-B PILOT 0.4mm magic eraser pen-black

STA-LFSK-14-R PILOT 0.4mm magic eraser pen-red

STA-LFSK-14-L PILOT 0.4mm magic eraser pen-blue

STA-LFSK-14-G PILOT 0.4mm magic eraser pen-green

STA-LFSK-14-BB PILOT 0.4mm magic eraser pen-dark blue

STA-LFSK-14-O PILOT 0.4mm magic eraser pen-orange

STA-LFSK-14-P PILOT 0.4mm magic eraser pen-pink

STA-LFSK-14-LB PILOT 0.4mm magic eraser pen-light blue

STA-LFSK-15-B PILOT 0.5mm magic eraser pen-black

STA-LFSK-15-R PILOT 0.5mm magic eraser pen-red

STA-LFSK-15-R PILOT 0.5mm magic eraser pen-red

STA-LFSK-15-L PILOT 0.5mm magic eraser pen-blue

STA-LFSK-15-G PILOT 0.5mm magic eraser pen-green

STA-LFSK-15-BB PILOT 0.5mm magic eraser pen-dark blue

STA-LFSK-15-O PILOT 0.5mm magic eraser pen-orange

STA-LFSK-15-P PILOT 0.5mm magic eraser pen-pink

STA-LFSK-15-LB PILOT 0.5mm magic eraser pen-light blue

➤ Replacement core model

STA-LFRF-143-R PILOT 0.4mm magic eraser refill 3 pieces-red

STA-LFRF-143-L PILOT 0.4mm magic eraser refill 3 pieces - blue

STA-LFRF-14-G PILOT 0.4mm magic eraser refill-green

STA-LFRF-14-BB PILOT 0.4mm magic eraser refill-dark blue

STA-LFRF-14-O PILOT 0.4mm magic eraser refill-Orange

STA-LFRF-14-P PILOT 0.4mm magic eraser refill-pink

STA-LFRF-14-LB PILOT 0.4mm magic eraser refill-light blue

STA-LFRF-153-B PILOT 0.5mm magic eraser refill 3 pieces-black

STA-LFRF-153-R PILOT 0.5mm magic eraser refill 3 pieces-red

STA-LFRF-153-L PILOT 0.5mm magic eraser refill 3 pieces - blue

STA-LFRF-15-G PILOT 0.5mm magic eraser refill-green

STA-LFRF-15-BB PILOT 0.5mm magic eraser refill-dark blue

STA-LFRF-15-O PILOT 0.5mm magic eraser refill-Orange

STA-LFRF-15-P PILOT 0.5mm magic eraser refill-pink

STA-LFRF-15-LB PILOT 0.5mm magic eraser refill-light blue



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PILOT Frixion Synergy knock 0.3 0.4 0.5 mm LFRF-13 magic eraser pen

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