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PILOT FriXion BALL Zone Disney Retro Series Limited 0.5mm Black Ink Magic Erase Pen Erase Pen Mickey Donald Duck Pooh Alice

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Introducing the exciting collaboration between Disney and Pilot Frixion - the perfect blend of fun and functionality! These Disney Retro Art Series pens combine the beloved characters of Mickey and Friends with the innovative technology of Pilot Frixion.

One of the standout features of these pens is the erasable pen body, adorned with iconic Disney characters. It adds a touch of uniqueness and makes writing an enjoyable experience. But the magic doesn't stop there!

With the Premium FRIXION Ink, these pens offer an ink concentration that is 30% higher than traditional black FRIXION Ink. This means that your writing will be darker and more vibrant, allowing you to make a bold statement on paper. The pen has been upgraded to ensure clearer writing, thanks to a new refill and reduced refill pipe thickness. As a result, each refill now has a 70% increased ink capacity, providing longer-lasting ink storage.

The pen tip structure has also been enhanced to tightly fix the internal parts, reducing the pen tip gap and minimizing the shaking feeling. This improvement increases stability and allows for more precise writing. In addition, new springs in the internal parts have been added to make the keys quieter than ever before, ensuring a pleasant writing experience.

Let's not forget about the specifications of these pens. They measure at 11.4*150*11.4 mm, making them compact and easy to carry around. With a weight of 14.6 g, they offer a substantial yet comfortable grip. The ink color is classic black, suitable for all writing purposes. And when it's time for a refill, simply use the LFBKRF50EF replacement core.

To cater to your personal style, these pens are available in eight different designs, each featuring a beloved Disney character. Choose from the Mickey and Friends design, the nostalgic Donald Duck design, the adorable Winnie the Pooh design, the lovable Pinocchio design, the out-of-this-world Space Mickey design, the enchanting The Adventures of Pinocchio design, the whimsical Alice in Wonderland design, or the magical Peter Pan design.

Get your hands on these Pilot FriXion Zone Disney Retro Art Series pens today and experience the joy of writing with your favourite Disney characters.

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PILOT FriXion BALL Zone Disney Retro Series Limited 0.5mm Black Ink Magic Erase Pen Erase Pen Mickey Donald Duck Pooh Alice

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