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Pigeon baby care set three-piece set box (glue clippers + nail clippers + comb) baby care supplies

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👶 Pigeon Baby Care Kit - the perfect choice for your baby’s daily care

🌟 Three-piece set: includes glue clippers, nail clippers and comb, specially designed for baby's delicate care needs.

💕 Essential for daily care: Perfectly suitable for baby’s nails, nose and hair care around 3 months old.

🎁 Convenient and portable storage box: Comes with a special storage box, which is easy to organize and carry, and keeps supplies hygienic.

<Baby Nail Clippers/Paws>

●The tip is rounded and the blade is small and thin, so it can be used by newborns with confidence.

●The handle is supported by three fingers, making it stable to use. (Use resin containing antibacterial agents)

●Hat included.


●The comb is easy to pass through and the tip is rounded, so it will not scratch the scalp.

<Baby Tweezers/Nose>

●The tip is rounded so it won’t scratch the inside of your nose when removing nasal congestion.

●Hat included.

●Recommended for cleaning delicate parts such as the nose.


-Baby Nail Clippers Scissors are scissors used to cut nails at home. Please avoid using it for purposes other than its intended purpose. Please be careful not to scratch your fingers when using it. Also, avoid storing it near your feet or where it could fall.

・Do not use the comb with a hair dryer, otherwise the comb may become deformed.

・Do not insert the tweezers too deep into your nose, otherwise it is dangerous. If your child doesn't like it, don't force him to delete it. The tip is tapered, so be careful not to poke your child's throat, eyes, or ears.

・Do not shake the case. Products inside may fall off.

・For safety, please keep out of the reach of children.

■Origin: Japan


【Setting content】

Baby nail clippers, baby tweezers, comb, box...1 each

【Weight】89 g

【raw material】


Blade: High carbon stainless steel

Handle: ABS resin

Lid: polypropylene


ABS resin


Body: polycarbonate

Cap: Styrene resin



[Heat-resistant temperature]

Scissor hat...120 degrees

Comb...80 degrees

Tweezer body...120 degrees

Tweezer cap...70 degrees

Case...120 degrees

[Cleaning method]

・After using baby nail clippers, wipe them thoroughly with a tissue or cloth.

*If metal parts are stored with moisture or dirt, there is a risk of rust.

・After using the comb, remove hair and dirt. When using on wet hair, drain well and dry.
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Pigeon baby care set three-piece set box (glue clippers + nail clippers + comb) baby care supplies

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