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PET retro lace, hollow frame stickers, retro romantic stickers, waterproof materials, creative materials, decorative DIY, handbook collage

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Introducing our exquisite collection of handmade bookmark cards that will certainly elevate your reading experience and add a touch of elegance to your life. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these bookmarks are designed to enrich your reading journey in the most unique and exclusive way possible.

Made from durable and high-quality PET material, these bookmarks are transparent, ensuring that you don't miss a single line while diving into your favorite book. Their waterproof and wear-resistant nature guarantees that they will withstand the test of time, accompanying you on countless reading adventures.

What sets these bookmarks apart is the clear printing that adorns them. The intricate designs and patterns are beautifully brought to life on each bookmark, creating a captivating visual experience. With four styles to choose from and a selection of ten styles within each, you can easily find one that perfectly complements your personal taste and preferences.

Let's delve into the enchanting world of our lace-inspired collection. Allow me to introduce the styles available:

1. NP-H7TRIA-005-1 Lace-Flower Story: Immerse yourself in the tale of delicate flowers as they intertwine with lace, creating a whimsical and enchanting bookmark that will transport you to a world of imagination.

2. NP-H7TRIA-005-2 Lace-Lace Wonderland: Create a sense of wonder as you explore this lace-filled wonderland. With intricate lace patterns adorning the bookmark, it truly is a masterpiece that showcases the beauty of this timeless textile.

3. NP-H7TRIA-005-3 Lace-Romantic Flower Language: Discover the language of flowers through this romantic lace bookmark. Each delicate lace detail is embellished with the essence of love and passion, making it a perfect companion for a romantic novel or poetry collection.

4. NP-H7TRIA-005-4 Lace-Various Lace: Revel in the diverse and captivating world of lace with this bookmark. It showcases the versatility of lace in its various forms, intricately woven to create an awe-inspiring design that is sure to captivate your attention.

Each bookmark measures 16 * 7.2 * 0.2 mm and weighs a mere 12g, making it lightweight and convenient to carry around with you wherever you go. So, why settle for ordinary bookmarks when you can indulge in the luxury and charm of our lace-inspired collection?

Choose your preferred style and embark on a reading journey filled with beauty, sophistication, and personal style. Make every page turn an experience to remember with our exquisite handmade bookmark cards. Elevate your reading experience today.

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PET retro lace, hollow frame stickers, retro romantic stickers, waterproof materials, creative materials, decorative DIY, handbook collage

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