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oh! Microwave steam sterilization pack, single set of 5 packs, dual effects of soda and orange, stubborn stain removal, microwave steam sterilization paper

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Introducing the innovative Cleaning Tablets, your ultimate solution for effortless cleaning of various appliances in your kitchen! These powerful tablets are designed to efficiently remove dirt and grime from inside microwave ovens, refrigerators, countertops, fish grills, electric cookers, and pots, ensuring a sparkling clean and hygienic environment.

• Just heat and wipe: The unique dual effects of baking soda and orange oil work together to remove even the most stubborn stains left by microwave ovens. Simply warm up the tablet for approximately 30 seconds and let the steam do its magic. The combination of heat and steam ensures thorough cleaning, making your appliances spotless.

• Mesh gasket technology: Equipped with a specially designed mesh gasket, these tablets effectively scrape off dirt, leaving your appliances looking as good as new. Say goodbye to hard-to-reach areas and hello to a pristine interior.

• Versatile cleaning power: Not only can these tablets be used for microwave ovens, but they are also ideal for cleaning stove and sink areas, toasters, fish racks, and even refrigerators. With this multi-purpose solution, you can tackle dirt and grime across various surfaces, giving you a clean and fresh kitchen.

To use the Cleaning Tablets:
(1) Remove the tablet from the packaging and unfold it.
(2) Place it on a microwave plate or in the middle of the oven (if no plate is available).
(3) Heat the tablet at 500W-600W for approximately 30 seconds. Please note that heating times may vary depending on the model and year of your microwave oven. It is important not to exceed a setting higher than 700W to avoid any damage.
(4) After heating, allow the tablet to cool for about a minute before removing the lid to prevent any burns. Please also be aware that prolonged heating may cause the interior and sheets to dry out.
(5) Wipe away the dirt inside the microwave oven using the cloth provided. No need for a second wipe!

The Cleaning Tablets can also be used for refrigerators, fish grills, and other appliances. In these cases, simply wipe away the dirt without heating the tablet.

Each independent pack of Cleaning Tablets measures 100X165X45mm and weighs approximately 80 grams. With a total of 5 packs included, you can rely on these tablets for multiple cleaning sessions. This product is proudly made in Japan, ensuring the highest quality and effective performance.

Formulated with sodium lactate, ethanol, glycerin fatty acid ester, baking soda, orange oil, and pure water, these cleaning tablets offer weak alkaline cleaning power to tackle tough stains and grime effectively.

Before using the microwave oven, remember to turn off the automatic heating function. Avoid using the tablets in ovens or grill functions, overheating, or reheating, as this may cause the sheet to burn. Furthermore, please refrain from using the tablets for any purposes other than cleaning.

Experience an effortless cleaning experience with the Cleaning Tablets! Efficiently tackle dirt and grime, while ensuring a fresh and clean kitchen environment. Try them today and enjoy the convenience of a spotless appliance with ease!

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oh! Microwave steam sterilization pack, single set of 5 packs, dual effects of soda and orange, stubborn stain removal, microwave steam sterilization paper

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