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Morandi colorful decorative sealing sticker DIY creation art decoration handbook decoration colorful bear pink gradient

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Introducing our stunning collection of Morandi color decorative seals! With their simple design and soft palette, these seals are perfect for elevating your daily life and adding a touch of deep emotion to your gifts, cards, and even handbooks.

Available in five delightful styles, each seal is carefully crafted to bring a sense of whimsy and charm to your creations. Let's dive into the details:

1. Style: NP-H7TRIA-008-1
Description: Round smiley numbers
This seal combines the timeless appeal of round numbers with adorable smiley faces to bring joy to any project. The Morandi color palette adds a touch of sophistication and elegance.

2. Style: NP-H7TRIA-008-2
Description: Cartoon bunny
Get ready to fall in love with this charming seal featuring an adorable cartoon bunny. The Morandi color theme adds a soft and gentle vibe to your gifts and cards, making them even more endearing.

3. Style: NP-H7TRIA-008-3
Description: Flower numbers
Embellish your projects with these stunning floral numbers. The Morandi color scheme beautifully complements the delicate design, bringing a touch of nature's beauty to your creations.

4. Style: NP-H7TRIA-008-4
Description: Color bear
These decorative seals are adorably embellished with cute and colourful bears. The Morandi color palette adds a sense of warmth and playfulness, making these seals perfect for adding a pop of fun to any occasion.

5. Style: NP-H7TRIA-008-5
Description: Pink gradient (polka dot)
Elevate your projects with this delightful seal featuring a charming pink gradient with polka dot pattern. The Morandi color choice creates a visually pleasing effect, adding a touch of sophistication to your gifts and cards.

Additionally, these decorative seals are compact and lightweight, with dimensions of 19.5*13*0.1 cm and a weight of 8 g. Their small size allows for easy storage and transportation, so you can always have them at hand whenever inspiration strikes.

In conclusion, our Morandi color decorative seals are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and fun to your gifts, cards, and handbooks. Grab your favorite style and let your creativity shine!

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Morandi colorful decorative sealing sticker DIY creation art decoration handbook decoration colorful bear pink gradient

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