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Made in Japan, toilet deodorizing spray, portable, considerate girl, toilet spray, Flare Fleur scent, 9ml, portable toilet deodorizing spray

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Introducing the Japanese Women's Deodorant and Toilet Spray, a must-have for every woman seeking to embrace the meticulous etiquette unique to Japanese culture. This versatile spray is not only gentle on the environment but also embodies beauty in its portable design.

With its low-volume spray sound design, this deodorant ensures quiet deodorization, letting you effortlessly distribute a clean aroma and eliminate any unpleasant odors in your surroundings. Its designful colors, lightweight construction, and exquisite design make it easy to carry wherever you go, eliminating any embarrassment when using the toilet at the office, during sleepovers, or even at school.

Not only does this deodorant provide a fresh and clean scent, but it also completely eliminates any unpleasant toilet odors. It's the ideal solution for maintaining a pleasant atmosphere in any space, be it a school restroom, public restrooms, or even your own home.

Moreover, its gentle formula is also perfect for alleviating bad odors that can occur during menstruation. This mist spray ensures a noiseless experience, allowing you to discreetly freshen up without drawing any attention.

Measuring at a compact size of 80X190X35mm and weighing only about 24g per package, this deodorant is designed to fit perfectly in your bag, making it easily accessible whenever you need it. Its elegant fragrance and convenient functionality truly make it a must-have item in your daily routine.


- In the air: Simply spray the walls and ceilings from a distance of at least 30cm to freshen up the surrounding space.
- In the toilet: Spray 2 to 3 times directly onto the toilet area to eliminate any unwanted odors.
- For first-time use, please press the button several times to ensure a smooth spray.
- This deodorant can be used both before and after using the toilet.
- Each container allows approximately 80 uses.
- When the liquid is running low, please keep the container upright to ensure proper functionality.
- After each use, remember to clean the mouth of the container for hygiene purposes.
- Always remember to close the lid after use.

First Aid:

- If the solution accidentally gets into your eyes, promptly wash them thoroughly with running water.
- In case of skin contact, thoroughly wash the affected area with soap.
- If accidentally swallowed, rinse your mouth immediately without inducing vomiting and drink 1 to 2 glasses of water.
- If you notice any abnormalities, please consult your doctor.

Please note:
- This deodorant is not meant for consumption.
- Keep out of reach of children.

Upgrade your personal hygiene routine with the Japanese Women's Deodorant and Toilet Spray. Experience the power of cleanliness and elegance wherever you go. Made in Japan.

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Made in Japan, toilet deodorizing spray, portable, considerate girl, toilet spray, Flare Fleur scent, 9ml, portable toilet deodorizing spray

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