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Made in Japan, natural ingredient-free closet insect repellent, valid for 1 year, Sumikkogurashi single box/3 pieces closet insect repellent

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100% natural ingredients

Insect repellent made from 100% natural ingredients.

No synthetic pesticide ingredients are used.
●Natural ingredients protect your precious clothing from textile insects for approximately one year.
●Eliminate unpleasant odors (musty, sweat, body odor) in storage spaces.
●Prevent mites from entering the storage space.
●The refreshing aroma derived from the raw materials permeates the entire storage space, gently wrapping the clothes.
●Can also be used for gold thread, silver thread, and gold thread processed products.
●Can also be used for Japanese-style clothing, fur and other leather clothing.
●Complete skin patch testing and allergy testing.

*This does not mean that skin irritation or allergies will not occur in everyone.

[Validity period]
After use: about 1 year (repellent effect)
・The expiry date varies depending on temperature, storage space, usage conditions, etc.

【preservation method】

Seal and store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

【Precautions for use】

・Please follow the dosage stated on the package.

・When changing clothes, please keep the room ventilated.

·Please keep this product out of the reach of children.

・Please use it in a closed storage space away from direct sunlight such as a closet.

・This product is not edible. If consuming, consult a doctor.

・Synthetic resin products such as vinyl chloride bags, styrene dolls, and acrylic brooches may be deformed by this agent.

・Depending on the storage environment, the ingredients may penetrate into the repellent itself and become transparent, but it can be used as it is.

・Please keep this box properly when using the product to prevent accidental ingestion.

・Do not use it for purposes other than its intended purpose.

・This product is waste paper. After use, please discard according to local government classification.

■Origin: Japan

■Material/Ingredients: [Ingredients]

Terpineol, tea tree oil (vegetable component), fragrance (vegetable component)

[Standard usage]

3 wardrobes, 180 cm wide x 230 cm high x 60 cm deep (= 2400L).

Please use one bottle per 800L according to the size of your wardrobe or closet.

[Applicable pests]

Repellent effect of fiber: Burr, carp, carp, carp

Anti-mite effect in storage space: indoor dust mites

【how to use】

★Before saving

- Thoroughly remove dirt from clothes.

・Please dry your clothes thoroughly.
・Remove the cleaning cover, etc.

(1) Be sure to write in pencil the year and month one year after the start date on the carton.
(2) Take out the repellent body from the bag.
(3) Put the insect repellent body into the carton, cover the side cover, and hang it in the storage space.

Please hang 3 pieces in the wardrobe (capacity is 2400L) and 1 piece in the wardrobe (capacity up to 800L). (Hanging them at equal intervals in the storage space works.)

*Even if there is a smell, please replace it with a new one after one year.
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Made in Japan, natural ingredient-free closet insect repellent, valid for 1 year, Sumikkogurashi single box/3 pieces closet insect repellent

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