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Made in Japan Ikemoto Brush Gorgeous Golden Small Brush Camellia Oil Mixed Cushion Comb

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""Refined camellia oil containing the natural ingredient that has made Japanese women's hair beautiful since ancient times",

"The comb contains microcapsules impregnated with camellia oil",

"Buffer comb for use before and after shampooing" ''Head spa before shampooing'',

'Features of this hair comb' - Camellia Oil Comb: The main oil component contained in camellia oil is almost the same as the fat component of human skin. The ingredients are the same. Therefore, you can use it with confidence.

●Porous microcapsules impregnated with camellia oil: Microcapsules with a diameter of 2 to 3 μm have approximately 50,000 pores in which camellia oil is impregnated.
●A hairbrush to use before and after shampooing.
●Before shampooing: Combing your hair before shampooing can remove dirt from your hair and scalp, making it easier to remove dirt during shampooing.
●After shampooing: Gentle care for the delicate scalp after shampooing, ideal for loosening tangled hair. It can also be used to apply conditioners and treatments throughout the hair.
'How to care for this hairbrush'
●After use, to prevent the growth of mold, etc., rinse off the treatment agent thoroughly, drain the water, and store it in a well-ventilated place.
●The holes in the brush part are ventilation holes to improve cushioning properties. If water gets inside, drain it completely from the vents before storing.

"Precautions when using this hair comb" *If it does not suit your scalp or if you notice any abnormalities, please stop using it and consult an expert. *If the high-temperature air of the hair dryer is blown directly to the brush part for a long time, or if there is a large amount of alcohol-based conditioner on it, it may be deformed or cracked. *If the comb becomes dirty, please wash it with warm water containing neutral detergent, drain, and then dry it in a cool place. "The material of this hair comb" Main body: ABS resin, bristle part: PE resin (contains camellia oil) (heat-resistant temperature 60℃),

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Made in Japan Ikemoto Brush Gorgeous Golden Small Brush Camellia Oil Mixed Cushion Comb

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