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Made in Japan, containing Bio air conditioner antifungal agent to create clean and good air, deodorant tablets, moisture-proof tablets, antifungal tablets

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Introducing the Air Conditioner Antifungal Agent, an essential addition to your air conditioning system that ensures a clean and comfortable environment all year round. This innovative product has been designed to prevent musty smells and mildew from your air conditioner, effectively combating mold and odors.

The key feature of this antifungal agent is its BIO formula, which harnesses the power of BB bacteria. This group of useful microorganisms, derived from Bacillus, works tirelessly to prevent mold growth. Unlike traditional products that rely on harsh chemicals or drugs, this agent is gentle yet highly effective, making it safe for both humans and the environment.

With its easy installation process, you can either paste or hang the agent at the air inlet on the top of your air conditioner. This strategic placement ensures that the product can efficiently target and eliminate mold and musty odors, providing you with a tidy and comfortable living space.

To optimize the effectiveness of the Air Conditioner Antifungal Agent, it is recommended to clean the inside of your air conditioner before installation. Clearing any pre-existing mold will help create a clean surface for the agent to work its magic. Simply remove any dust from the top of the air conditioner, open the product, and write the installation date on the replacement sticker provided. Affix the sticker to the container, then peel off the release paper from the double-sided tape on the back of the container and securely attach it to the air inlet. Alternatively, you can use hooks to secure it in place.

It's important to note that while this agent provides mild effects, consistent use is recommended for optimum results. While it offers long-term prevention, it may not be able to eliminate all existing mold in your air conditioner. Therefore, we advise periodic cleaning and maintenance of your unit alongside the use of this antifungal agent.

Please be aware of the following notices to ensure a safe and effective experience with the Air Conditioner Antifungal Agent: do not use the product for any other purpose, as it is intended solely for air conditioner antifungal protection. This product is not edible and should be kept out of reach of children and pets. For installation, always remember to turn off your air conditioner before proceeding. Avoid placing the agent near the air outlet to prevent interference with the unit's functioning.

Upgrade your air conditioning system today with the Air Conditioner Antifungal Agent. Say goodbye to musty odors and mold and enjoy a fresh, clean environment throughout the year. Keep your space comfortable and free from harmful bacteria with this environmentally friendly and highly effective solution.

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Made in Japan, containing Bio air conditioner antifungal agent to create clean and good air, deodorant tablets, moisture-proof tablets, antifungal tablets

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