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Made in Japan, cloud-shaped relaxing scalp massage comb Cumomin is a flexible comb that gently relaxes the scalp.

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Flexible comb to gently relax your scalp

☁️ Charming cloud shape comb: unique and cute cloud shape, small and easy to hold, easy to use.
☁️ Suitable for all hair types: No matter the hair is thick or thin, it can be used gently to protect the scalp from damage.
☁️ Innovative hexagonal design: The special hexagonal comb tooth arrangement effectively reduces knots and makes combing smoother.
☁️ Deep scalp massage: Provides a deeper massage effect, promotes blood circulation in the scalp, and brings a comfortable feeling.

Use a flexible brush to gently loosen scalp.

Relax your scalp while brushing.

●"Hexagonal Array Brush".
The bristles are arranged to prevent tangles and allow hair to pass through smoothly. Reduce stuck damage.
● Two hair sections of different stiffness and length are separated to provide pleasant stimulation and relax the scalp.
●The cloud-shaped body is easy to grasp and hold regardless of your dominant hand or holding style.
●The soft type is recommended for the following groups.

・Those who want to massage the scalp with extra emphasis: The soft bristles move widely to relax the scalp comfortably.
・Those who have thin or thin hair and want to comb it gently.

[Heat-resistant temperature]

80 degrees


★ Combing: Gradually loosen the knotted hair from the ends and comb the entire hair.
・The brush gently stimulates the scalp and relaxes it while brushing.

★Scalp care: Gently press one area, shake or make circular motions to move the scalp.

[Precautions for use]

- Do not use if there are scratches, swelling, eczema or other abnormalities on the scalp.
・Please be careful not to rub too hard, otherwise you may damage your scalp.
・Please avoid exposing it to hot air from a hair dryer or pouring boiling water on it for a long time, otherwise it may cause deformation.
・Please note that applying conditioner directly to the brush may cause the conditioner to deteriorate.

- For heavy soiling, wash with warm water containing a mild detergent and rinse thoroughly, then drain thoroughly and dry in a cool place with the brush part facing down.
・Please keep out of the reach of infants and young children.
・The surface of the product may have streaks or small grooves during the manufacturing process, but this will not cause any problems during use. Please note.
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Made in Japan, cloud-shaped relaxing scalp massage comb Cumomin is a flexible comb that gently relaxes the scalp.

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