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Green bell made in Japan, safe and secure nail clipper for pet cats, pet nail clipper Pe-004

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Handle offers excellent stability

Reduces nail fly-off. Comes with a case!

●Lever-shaped nail clipper for cutting cat nails. It has excellent sharpness so you can cut quickly.
●Comes with a collection box to prevent nail clippings from scattering. (The catcher box can be removed.)
●There are blood vessels on the nails, please be careful not to damage the nails.

If you rub your nails under a bright light, it will be easier to see where the blood vessels are. Be especially careful if your cat's nails are black, as they are difficult to see.

Independent packaging size: 105X180X21 mm
Independent packaging weight: about 52 grams
Content: 1 piece

Manufacturing country: Japan

Packing box size: 7X17X2cm

[Quality Display]

Blade: stainless steel cutlery
Lever: Polycarbonate
Catcher: ABS resin
File: Special processing of stainless steel (edging)

[How to remove the catcher box]

★When disassembling the catcher box

(1) Lift the control lever.

(2) Turn the main body over. Hold the lever firmly with one hand and push gently in the direction of the arrow with your other hand to remove the butt side (metal part) of the blade from the housing.

(3) Avoid the protruding part of the blade part and pull the main body diagonally to remove it smoothly.

★When installing the trap box

(4) Lift the control lever, insert the left and right protruding parts on the trap box into the gap between the blades, and then install the entire blade into the box.

*Be sure to do this with the lever raised.

[Attention when cutting nails]

・If the nails are very long, they may get caught on the sofa or cause injury to the owner or the cat itself. Also, ingrown nails have the potential to overgrow and become stuck in the claw, so check and care for them regularly.

・Do not use if there is any abnormality in your nails. It may make your symptoms worse. If your cat doesn't like this, don't try to cut her nails too hard; wait a while and try again.


・This product is a sharp tool. Please, handle with care.
・After use, please wipe off dirt with a cloth, etc., and store it clean. If dirt or moisture is left behind, it may cause rust.
・Do not use it for any purpose other than its intended purpose of cutting hard objects. The blade may chip.
・Please keep out of the reach of children.

Also, avoid storing it in places where it could fall onto your feet.

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Green bell made in Japan, safe and secure nail clipper for pet cats, pet nail clipper Pe-004

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