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Earth Pharmaceutical Japan-made Rakuhapi Bubble Boon 180g Toilet Foam Cleaner Antibacterial and Deodorizing Foam Cleansing Powder

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Just put it in and you can clean and disinfect areas that can't be reached by brushes, no scrubbing required.

*It does not kill all bacteria.
It has amazing lathering power that spreads throughout the toilet bowl.
This is a single use type.

■No need to scrub!
*If very dirty, we recommend reuse. Depending on the degree of dirt, it may not come off.

■Remove black stains and pink stains!
■Clean and disinfect deep areas that cannot be reached by disinfecting brushes!
*It does not kill all bacteria.

■Prevent toilet odor for about 2 weeks!
*Depends on usage environment.

■The more you use it, the better the toilet becomes!
■No need to worry about damaging your toilet or septic tank!
■Prevent odors!

【how to use】

(1) Raise the toilet seat.
(2) Pour one bag into the toilet puddle.
Pour from a low position to prevent powder from flying. If the powder gets on the toilet seat, wipe it off immediately.
(3) Let it sit for more than 30 minutes, otherwise it will foam and produce a lot of bubbles.
It’s okay to leave it overnight, but it must be ventilated.
(4) After use, drain the water until there are no bubbles.
If bubbles form where the water is not flowing, wipe them away.

*Please be sure to use it with good ventilation.
*Turn off the power to the toilet seat and wash it with warm water.
*To keep your toilet clean, we recommend using it approximately every two weeks. (Depending on dirt level.)

[Toilet available]

Western style flush toilet

【Do not mix with other detergents! Danger! ! Chlorination]

●Using (mixing) with acidic/alkaline products releases harmful chlorine gas and is dangerous.

●If it accidentally gets into your eyes, please rinse with water immediately.

●Avoid contact with children's hands.

●Be sure to use it with good ventilation.

【Precautions for use】

●When using this product, please be careful not to let children or third parties requiring supervision close to the product.
●Do not use close to the face. Be careful not to get the scattered powder into your eyes, nose, mouth, etc.
●Do not use it for other purposes.
●Be sure to use it alone. If mixed with acidic/alkaline products, vinegar, alcohol, etc., harmful gases will be produced and dangerous.
●Do not use more than 2 bags at a time.
●Please wear cooking gloves when using.
●Use immediately after opening and use up one bag.
●Please note that it may fade if it sticks to clothes. If it gets on skin, wash immediately with water.
●Do not use if you are feeling unwell.
●Avoid direct sunlight and sources of fire, and store in a cool place out of reach of children and third parties requiring supervision.
●If you accidentally touch your eyes, do not rub them and rinse them immediately with running water for at least 15 minutes. Even if there is no pain or abnormality, please seek medical treatment immediately.
●If swallowed by mistake, do not vomit forcefully; rinse mouth and drink water or milk.
●If it gets on your skin, rinse thoroughly with water.
●If you accidentally get it into your eyes, cough or feel uncomfortable during use, please stop using it, leave the area, wash your eyes, rinse your mouth, etc.
●In either case, if you notice any abnormalities, please carry this product with you and consult your doctor.
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Earth Pharmaceutical Japan-made Rakuhapi Bubble Boon 180g Toilet Foam Cleaner Antibacterial and Deodorizing Foam Cleansing Powder

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