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Dream Life Series Handbook sealing dots, circular sealing stickers, label stickers, simple colors, collage creativity, key marks, material DIY

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Introducing our exquisite collection of polka dot ins style stickers, available in a range of captivating colours that seamlessly complement both light and dark surfaces. These stickers are the perfect addition to your wall sticker decoration, collage DIY projects, material base creations, and handbook production.

Crafted with precision, the boxed design dot cutting film eliminates the need for cutting, making it incredibly convenient to use. Each sticker boasts a simple and elegant design, making it the perfect choice to highlight key points in study notes or add emphasis to key remarks in meetings. Additionally, the vibrant colours will add a playful touch to any setting.

Let's take a closer look at the specifications of these delightful stickers:
• Size: Compact yet noticeable, each sticker measures 8.9*9*1.6 mm, allowing you to add delightful accents to your chosen surface.
• Weight: With a weight of 67g per box, these stickers are lightweight and easy to handle, making your creative process a breeze.
• Style: Immerse yourself in our diverse collection, featuring 6 unique styles to suit your preferences. Each box contains 50 pieces of stickers for each style.

Style names and descriptions:
1. NP-H7TRIA-006-1 Handbook sealing dot sticker - Ink World: Bring the enchantment of the ink world to your handbooks, adding a touch of creativity to your notes.
2. NP-H7TRIA-006-2 Handbook sealing dot sticker - Born towards the sun: Embrace the warmth and positivity of the sun with these charming stickers, ideal for sealing your handbooks.
3. NP-H7TRIA-006-3 Handbook sealing dot sticker - Jumping (small circle): Add a playful touch to your study notes with these small circle stickers, capturing the essence of fun and spontaneity.
4. NP-H7TRIA-006-4 Pocket sealing dot sticker - Dreamland (Little Circle): Step into the realm of dreams with these adorable little circle stickers, perfect for sealing your pocket-sized belongings.
5. NP-H7TRIA-006-5 Pocket sealing dot sticker - Memories (big circle): Preserve and cherish your cherished memories with these big circle stickers, adding a touch of nostalgia to your belongings.
6. NP-H7TRIA-006-6 Handbag sealing dot sticker - Smudged dreamland: Enhance the allure of your handbag with these mesmerizing stickers, offering a dreamy and slightly smudged aesthetic.

Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your personal style, organize your notes, and add a splash of vibrancy to your surroundings with our polka dot ins style stickers.

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Dream Life Series Handbook sealing dots, circular sealing stickers, label stickers, simple colors, collage creativity, key marks, material DIY

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