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Bitatto cute version of Pokémon wet wipes cover MONPOKE reusable antibacterial wet wipes cover

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Used for various packaging of baby wipes, wet wipes, cleaning paper, etc.

●Convenient lid to prevent drying, and the wipes can be easily removed by just sticking them on. When opened, the Monpoke series is now available in "Bitatto"!
●It is easy to install and is a great product that allows you to use your last piece of paper cleanly!
●Reusable with special adhesive.
●Easy to carry.
●Can be opened and closed with one hand.
● Smooth removal.
●Long-lasting moisture.
● Gently clean dust and dirt with water to restore bonding strength!
●Used for wet wipes, baby wipes, etc.
● Can be used on the go. Suitable for various scenarios.
●Regular size.

Single package size: 135X130X7mm
Contents: 1 piece
Country of production: Japan
Seller: Bitatto Japan Co., Ltd.

[Supported sizes]

Standard:90 x 51MM


Material: polypropylene
Adhesive: polyurethane elastomer
Antibacterial agent: inorganic antibacterial agent


(1) Remove the paper outlet sticker.
*Please be careful not to tear the packaging.
(2) Tear off the release paper on the back of the main unit.
(3) When pasting, make sure there are no wrinkles around the outlet.
*If there are gaps on the adhesive surface, the contents may dry out. If there is a gap, reinstall it.
(4) When taking out the wipes from the package, please hold the main body and take it out slowly.
*If you pull the cover while it is open, there is a risk of damage. Also, in rare cases, the adhesive sheet may peel off the main body if too much force is used when peeling.
(5) If the adhesive force is weakened due to dust or other reasons, please remove it gently with water and dry naturally. If there are oil stains such as fingerprints on the product, please wipe it gently with neutral detergent or alcohol.


・Please remove moisture, oil, fingerprints, dust, etc. from the surface of the wet paper packaging before use.
・If you touch the adhesive surface, the adhesive force may decrease.
・Do not expose the adhesive surface to direct sunlight. This may cause discoloration or deterioration.
・If the adhesive surface is peeled off, it may cause deterioration. If not in use, please leave it in the wet paper packaging or stick it on the plastic mat for storage.
・If you notice discoloration on the adhesive surface, please check the adhesive strength before use.
・This product can be reused, but the adhesive surface will also deteriorate, so if it cannot be reused even if the dirt is removed, we recommend replacing it.

*Depending on the usage environment and frequency, the recommended replacement time is approximately 4 months. More than 100 consecutive attachment and detachment tests.

・Do not use it for valuable items.
・Please keep out of the reach of children.
・Since the adhesive sheet is hand-processed, the surface effect may vary slightly. Please note.
・This product contains antibacterial agents.
・Antibacterial processing does not inhibit the growth of all bacteria.
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Bitatto cute version of Pokémon wet wipes cover MONPOKE reusable antibacterial wet wipes cover

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