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  • Sku: STA-Q1003-1N
  • Vendor: PENTEL

Pentel AIN STEIN SMASH Sketch Q1003 Q1005 Automatic Pencil Pencil Lead

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Product description


Product features:
1.Integrated design of base and grip for stable writing
2.In the middle of the pen, there is a design for displaying the core diameter window
3.High specification low center of gravity mechanical pencil so the weight balance is good
4.The pipe part coming out of the refill is very long, so the paper surface will not be covered by the tip of the pen
5.The handle adopts a small square rubber to fit your fingertips and can be firmly grasped without slipping

Dimensions: W 0.4 x D 0.4 x D 5.4 inches
Core diameter: 0.5 mm/0.3mm
Material: Shaft-ABS\tip-brass\grip-brass,silicon rubber\percussion part-brass,NBR rubber\clip-iron
Weight: 13 grams


Product features:
1.Achieving "thickness" and "strength" at the same time
Stein builds a framework with reinforced silica inside the core
2.Excellent ability of Stein to hold graphite (the main component of the core material) on the surface of the paper
3.It has strong resistance to hand and paper contact, and is resistant to scratches

Dimensions: 20mm wide x 7mm deep x 79mm high
Material: acrylonitrile styrene, recycled polypropylene
Core diameter: 0.5 mm/0.3mm
Number of cores: 40
Hardness: HB

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Pentel AIN STEIN SMASH Sketch Q1003 Q1005 Automatic Pencil Pencil Lead

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